Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Who Knew You Could Love A Parasol So Much?

*Apologies for the smaller than small text size - for some reason blogger refuses to process it in normal size even when I keep highlighting it all and changing it myself many times!

Well, Summer indeed did leave us for a good while again here in the UK. It has been raining, and generally miserable again since I last posted.  The sun seems to be returning, but it doesn't stick around for long!

This is annoying to me, because I love Summertime, and I find of course that clothes/accessories etc. are so much more fun when they are summer ones.

It is not fun to be stuck indoors when it is sunny and you aren't too well.  But I took some quick outfit photos yesterday, as I was excited to be wearing my new (old) blouse and wanted to show off some photos of something I am so happy to have.

This blouse encompasses so many things I love about the fifties all in one - It has a great shape, a favourite print (fish!) and some really quirky detailing - check out that collar! Like a fishes' tail...

The blouse itself is really rather faded at the arms, and the silk fabric is very delicate now, but I couldn't resist it because it was so unusual (and a small size)

The bag is so funny isn't it - another one of my favourite kinds of item from the 50s: plastic, and novelty!
It has little Asian motifs on it, like lanterns and little houses.  The shape of it is so unusual, and odd!

I am wearing my trusty Freddies Of Pinewood jeans, which are what I wear the most these days it seems. I just love them.  My sunglasses are original 50s ones as are the belt and shoes.  I should have taken a close up of my earrings - pink plastic feather/fan shapes. I had a great brooch I wanted to wear, but it would have made a hole in the silk of the blouse.

And now, for the coolest thing...

My new Parasol!

I am practically albino in skin tone (proud of it, ha ha) and adore parasols as both stylish additions to outfits and for protecting me from the sun.  I have a few, all very nice of course and I use them most often at car shows. Well imagine my face when I saw this one?!
I couldn't believe it when I saw it - a parasol with gorgeous 50s cars on it? What could be more me?!  I'm so glad I found Swingoramic - they have so much great stuff, I want it all! They sell beautiful garden furniture in the real original 50s style, and other lovely things.

Here is their website if you want to take a look: Swingoramic

They are on Instagram as well:

Now if I could only get to some car shows to show it off...

Hope you all get to have a nice summer soon xxx

Friday, 14 August 2015

Sun Jellies Bags and Sombrero Prints..

Well, where has summer gone now?!  I'm still having a really hard time with my Crohn's, and haven't had very many chances this year to fully embrace and enjoy my favourite time of year. So, I jumped at the chance to wear a fun outfit the other day for some much-needed time in the sun. It wasn't for very long, but I enjoyed it.

When the weather is as humid and hot here on the coast as it was that day, I simply cannot bring myself to wear many of my original 50s tops.  I do not sweat more than the average person when it is hot (I hope!) but I still don't like getting too hot in an original garment. Of course when it is a vintage dress, this cannot be avoided. I use dress shields when possible but I still like to find alternatives when it is as hot as it was this past week...Which led me to pick out this from my wardbrobe...

I am very picky about reproduction clothing, and find a lot of it (not all!) to be on the tacky side amongst other things.  One brand I made an exception for was 'Outerlimitz' by Di Brooks.  When I saw that she was making these darling little cropped tops in sombrero print fabric last year I just couldn't resist! Luckily I could snag an XS. I hadn't had any opportunity to wear it yet so I made myself put together a quick outfit to show it off.
It is very well made, and the print is authentic-looking which of course what I am most attracted to.  I was worried it was a little too cropped on myself, but as all of my bottom separates are so high waisted I felt I could go with it.

This 1950s skirt is one of my favourites, as the colour is so rich. Plus, the pockets are a nice touch too of course. The label has sadly faded so much that all I can make out is the word 'Resort'.  I assume it was part of a set, probably comprising of some shorts and sun top to match.  I paired it with a simple vintage tan belt and my orange ballerina pumps - They matched the orange in the top perfectly.

I was bought two Sun jellies bags as a birthday present, so wanted to use the yellow one today.  They hold a lot and are very cheerful!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Friday Fantastics! Lurex Love

Well, it's that time again - this Friday, I have decided I cannot contain my love for lurex any longer.  It's just a glorious material!  Lurex is actually the brand name for the original metallic thread. Their website is interesting, with the proud heritage of having been going strong for 70 years - Click here for their website!

Although over the years the term 'Lurex' has been given to any material/garment made from similar/other brands of metallic threads, it is hard to determine what things really are 'true' lurex or a competitor thread.  But really, it's all just gorgeous!

I thought I would share some of my favourite Lurex images to date...

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Little Miss Atomic's Whitstable Secrets!

Well, I am happy to say I am back on blogging form, I hope I still have some readers! 

For this post, I thought I would do a piece about my favourite town, my family's hometown of Whitstable...

Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday Fantastics! 50s Lucite Heels

Well, this week I simply had to indulge my love of what I believe to be some of the most exquisite creations in 50s fashion - the Lucite heeled shoe.
Lucite is to me a fascinating material, first becoming popular in the 30s.  It really came into it's own I believe, in the 1950s when it began to be used on all sorts of items.  I am mostly interested in the beautiful Lucite bags and jewellery that was produced back then, not to mention these unbelievable shoes!!  I much prefer vintage Lucite to Bakelite - don't get me wrong, Bakelite is so beautiful, I own a few pieces, but I would much rather have a handful of confetti Lucite clampers!

I am hoping to do a little 'series' of shoe posts on some Fridays - there are just too many different styles to put into just one post.  So here are some absolutely astonishing shoes (and these really are just a few of the pictures I have stored over the years) I really would love to own all of them...

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Friday Fantastics! 50s Planters

This week I have decided to do a post about the wonders that are 1950s Planters!  I can't get enough of them, and there are so many to choose from.  Of course, I love the most atomic, crazy ones of all - and have an obsession with 'bullet' planters. These are the planters that comprise of a spun fibreglass, plastic or ceramic 'bowl' that sits in all manner of sputnik-legged frames. Sometimes they are made of other materials, such as aluminium too.
I hate to say it again, but these particular kinds of planters are a rarity here in England.  In fact, I've never come across one yet!  I always say to myself that if I win the lottery they are one of the first things I am having shipped over! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's an obsession...Boomerang!

I don't think I'm alone here, but I could look at atomic items all day.  The ones that often get me most excited are ones that feature those wild boomerang shapes! So many things were produced, mostly it seems, in the US (I do wish I lived there) I just can't believe how cool it all is - to own just a couple of these items would be a dream come true...