Thursday, 20 March 2014

A 'Rocket Day'

Last weekend here was unusually nice weather.  It seemed Spring was here.  Sadly of course it was just a fleeting glimpse, but I had the chance to drive a special car on Sunday afternoon -

This car belongs to my dad - It was a 1955 Split screen two-door Morris Minor when he got it.  Now...It's somethin' else!  I guess the best way to describe it is an 'americanized' Morris.  It really was in such a state when he got it that we all just thought "Let's go for it!" and do something different. 

Of course, having always been crazy about 50s American classics, we (meaning my mum and I) agreed that it should have bright two-tone paint.  My dad actually took a bit of convincing that this turquoise was the way to go.  But when we all saw the paint samples he was in complete agreement.  I mean, why not? 

The car quickly got named 'Rocket' as my dad added a beautiful old rocket hood ornament to the bonnet.  Hence the name 'Rocket day' if I ever get lucky enough to drive it about!
What my mum and I did not realize was quite how creative my dad would get.  He somehow fabricated/adapted all these amazing extra details/parts to make it look so different and so very cool.  He made some 'spats' for the wheels (in the style of his gorgeous old Cresta)  and searched out genuine American lights at an autojumble.  He even fabricated the grille himself.  It really is a one of a kind thing, and I get so much joy out of driving it.  Every time he went into the garage for a day or two, something else would crop up on it!
What can I say?  my dad is my hero.  He's taught me everything I know, and I feel proud when I tell people about the car.  It has upset a few 'purists' at shows (which is quite funny) but so far the reactions have been nice.  I am actually quite the purist myself, especially when it comes to cars.  But like I said, this one was just a bare shell really that was going to be scrapped.  A blank canvas, if you will - with hardly any original features left. 
I suppose this could be considered a bit of an 'Outfit Of The Day' post as well.  I like to look presentable when I am cruising around in it!  The clothes themselves aren't too spectacular, as I only had about five minutes to throw something on. But they are some of my favourite accessories.
My hair is tied up in one of my favourite vintage scarves, I am so sad the edges are all really starting to fray.  I LOVE matching colours (to the point of trying to exactly match them) and I have a few pieces of clothing and jewellery that match the deep yellow in the scarf.  It has navy in it too, which is nice.  Funny, people really comment on that one scarf.  It's not particularly special, it just seems to appeal to people. 
As you may see, the beads are the exact yellow, as are the Lucite bangles.  I couldn't resist a white bangle in there too to match the scarf.  I know I'm not alone in loving things that match, gals?!  Oops, nearly forgot the yellow earrings too. 
The jumper is just an modern round-necked one.  I'm not sure how old the grey pencil skirt is, I think it is from the 80s. as the zip is more modern, as is the material. It is one of my favourite 'old driving staples' but is getting a little big for me since sadly I have lost even more weight. I added the vintage elastic black belt that seems to go with everything, and just had on my trusty black ballerinas. 
The best part of this quick outfit is THE BAG.  It is an original 1950s little Poodle basket.  Conveniently the poodle is once again, that yellow.  It is tiny, but still holds a few essential things.  The poodle appears to have a Butterfly at the end of his lead.  It is one of my all time favourites!

And finally, I just wanted to introduce one of my furry little best friends.  This is Reuben.  And I'll be damned, I think this is the first photo in four years of owning him that I've gotten a photo of him 'holding still' in a photo with me.  All thanks to my kind photographer - Mama!


  1. Lovely post! I will follow your new blog for sure!!!

    1. Oh Thankyou Laurence - I'm flattered you like it! x