Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Post! An Introduction...

Well, what do you know, my first post! I'm very excited to finally start blogging (I promised myself this year would be the year)  I thought for this very first post I would write an introduction...
So, my real name is Amy-Lou, but the name I like to use on (and I admit, off) the net is Little Miss Atomic.  Mostly for two reasons - One, I am certainly little.  My sister got all the tall genes.  And two, I am an Atomic-aholic! I am 30 years old, 31 this July though (not coping well with this at all!)

I always had an interest in all things 50s, having great parents who brought me up listening to the music and using/enjoying things from that era helped enormously of course. When I was very small, my dad and I used to listen to Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and old doo-wop on the tape player that was in his lovely old VW camper vans.  I knew all the words, and I remember being crushed when I got a bit older and found out they were all  (mostly all) no longer around! 

As I got a bit older, I was still always buying 'vintage' bits here and there (even though that word wasn't even used then) and had always been obsessed with old cars, having been brought up with them and learning a lot along the way. Then when I was older still the whole 'lifestyle' really took hold. 

I love to sing, and play the piano. I hope to one day be in another band.  I miss it terribly! 

I am just completely and utterly obsessed with the 1950s, I think of nothing much else and am always reading/researching the era and listening to the music.  I have been collecting for a long time! And I have a lovely 1958 Hillman Minx that is my best friend. 

I know that the 1950s look is very fashionable these days, and that makes me a bit sad.  There's a lot of cheap and tacky repro brands around.

Of course I am completely infatuated with the furniture, the clothes, the bags, the shoes, the kitchenware...I could go on!

I am a bit poorly at the moment.  I admit I am a bit lonely here, and am sad that I can't seem to find many people here that share my passions so any local gals/guys that would like to be pals please do get in touch!  I am a very nice person, I promise.  I would love to have some people to go out with, I know there is a 'scene' here! I am, hoping that my posts may entertain or  be of interest to some fellow enthusiasts. After following other like-minded people, I have seen where their blogs have taken them and can only wish hard for the same. I am hoping to post my 'outfit of the day's (I always enjoy those on other peoples' blogs) music of course, any places/events of interest and most probably quite a lot of posts about anything and everything from the fifties! 

Hoping you'll follow,
Amy-Lou xxx


  1. Just found your blog (via Instagram no less, your name caught my attention!) I'm a lover of all things 1950s too! I guess as a fan of the atomic era you'll be going to Atomic Festival in May? I cannot wait for that! I look forward to reading your other posts :)

    1. Hiya Mid Century Girl :) Thankyou so much for saying you look forward to reading more, means a lot coming from a lovely gal such as yourself! I'm glad you love the 50s too and oh my goodness I would give anything to go to the Atomic festival :( but at the moment it's a bit too far for my health. Maybe one day, it looks soooo good! Thankyou for reading xx

  2. Good Blog! Love it! happy the hear that I have possibly inspired you into blogging. Very honoured...
    Keep going

    1. Wow, thankyou Sylvie! Flattered you have commented, I am enjoying it and you are indeed a great inspiration :)