Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Fantastics! Moss Lamps

Bit late on the Friday Fantastic post - but I present to you... Moss Lamps!

These amazing, beautiful lamps hailed from America (where else?) and to find one here would be a miracle!  I have often dreamed of owning one, I just can't get over how amazing they were/are.

Of course some of you reading this will already know about these fantastic lamps, but I just wanted to gush about them to be honest.

Cramming so much detail into one piece, common themes were people of varying professions - ballerinas, matadors, geishas etc.  Add to that all the other details (most often made of Lucite) and those incredible shades - oh my!

Well, what a beauty we have here.  Lovely oriental style figure surrounded by those three amazing shades. 

I just adore the two tone shade on this one!!  This is a much more restrained moss lamp, but I still love it just as much as the crazier ones!

The lovely gold detailing on the shade is an unusual touch, but really adds to the loveliness (is that a word?) of this one.

Of course, there were many pairs of lamps made.  One for each side of the bed and so on.  I love the opposing figures, and again the shades compliment them well. (I think they are the original shades)

Well... Nothing much else to say, except... Pink!!  And the gal up front is pretty indeed. 

Oooh Pink again!  One of the aforementioned matador lamps.  And I think the shade is reproduction - from as I recall, but it's amazing and I would do anything for a shade like that!

Well, I am now almost sick with envy of those who may own even just one of these fantastic lamps.  What wonderful pieces of the past they are.  Truly reflective of the fifties as an era of fun and futurism! 

Does anyone here own one of these beauties?! 

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