Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's an obsession...Boomerang!

I don't think I'm alone here, but I could look at atomic items all day.  The ones that often get me most excited are ones that feature those wild boomerang shapes! So many things were produced, mostly it seems, in the US (I do wish I lived there) I just can't believe how cool it all is - to own just a couple of these items would be a dream come true...

The boomerang shape appeared on so many items in the 50s.  It is iconic and one of the most popular/desirable motifs among collectors.  I know it is most desirable to me!

Well, firstly some tables - Oh lordy, how is it possible that I don't own this pink table?!!  This is the kind of thing I have seen only in books/magazines/online, I've never seen one in person - of course it would be rare to find one like this here in the UK.

 This is another table similar to the pink one in that it has two tiers and those fabulous hairpin legs. I love black and aqua together!
And here is a single beautiful table of boomerang-shaped goodness...

Now these are some of my favourite fabrics/curtains - I have a pair of these reproduction black boomerang curtains, I have been hanging on to them for a long time, waiting for the perfect place to put them!

Let's face it, they are AMAZING in any colourway/pattern formation!
This wallpaper is stunning...

More homewares now, I have seen a lot of fantastic boomerang ashtrays in my time (again, mostly in books/online) and here in England the atomic themed ashtrays were more reserved.  I have some amoeba shaped ones, but alas, no real 'boomerang' style pieces.

Oh, these shadow boxes are out of this world!!!!!

This clock is a timeless (excuse the pun) example of the spirit of the era. 

This radio is also the kind of thing I have always dreamed of owning.  Everything back then was made with style!

Ahhh, a lamp from which dreams are made.  Love the boomerang shapes that are present.  Well, let's face it, I love, love, love the whole thing!

Lastly, a lovely picture I came across - There's a whole lotta boomerang action in the corner of this wonderful room!!

Well, now I simply must go and look up more boomerang-shaped goodies.  Most of these pictures I pulled from my pinterest boards, so if any are your photos and you want me to remove it, just let me know.

Hope you are all having a swell week :)  'Til next time, fellow atomic-aholics!


  1. Err wow! I'm moving in with my boyfriend in the next few months and we've started shopping for midcentury homewares and this post has just made me even more excited! We both love those boomerang tables but highly doubt we'll be able to find one in the UK (that we can afford!) Hopefully we'll find some smaller boomerang items for our new place!

    1. Oh, that's exciting about your move - flattered this post has inspired you! Indeed those glorious boomerang tables are so so rare to find here, but there are some smaller ones here that have a boomerang shape to them, and sometimes boomerang shaped bars crop up! There have been some lovely American boomerang ashtrays recently on ebay, but I've been trying to not spend too much. They were lovely pink ones too :) Good luck with the move xx