Saturday, 22 November 2014

Friday Fantastics! Lurex Love

Well, it's that time again - this Friday, I have decided I cannot contain my love for lurex any longer.  It's just a glorious material!  Lurex is actually the brand name for the original metallic thread. Their website is interesting, with the proud heritage of having been going strong for 70 years - Click here for their website!

Although over the years the term 'Lurex' has been given to any material/garment made from similar/other brands of metallic threads, it is hard to determine what things really are 'true' lurex or a competitor thread.  But really, it's all just gorgeous!

I thought I would share some of my favourite Lurex images to date...

First up, this lovely and very glamorous original advert for the thread itself.  I love the added images of the reels of thread in the foreground!

Next, a lovely image from the late 1950s - I think it was from a Dior show.  I love the colour of that beautiful dress!

Now, how about this beautiful lurex thread blouse?  I wouldn't mind the fabulous pants the model has on either.  This is from etsy, I think the blouse is still for sale, but I couldn't find it just now.

This gold dress is a 60s beauty, but a lovely one at that.  It is actually currently still for sale on etsy, here in the UK!  I hope someone snaps it up soon for a Christmas party.  I am so sad, I hardly ever find anything made from lurex in my tiny size. 

You can buy this lovely here!

Another lovely old advert now, so beautiful!

I'll have one of each please!  I adore the collar on the lavender one.

This swimsuit...I am in awe. One of my favourite colours!

And, speaking of swimsuits - this gold stunner even has the original cover-up! I don't think I have come across many other things as special as this.  The details are exquisite.  And as if all that lurex wasn't enough, there are rhinestones too!

Of course, Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs were chock-full of lurex loveliness. I am hoping to do a separate post on these catalogs, as they were so wonderful.  I wouldn't mind everything pictured on these two pages either!  Such fantastic illustrations, and all set out in a way that really made you want it all.

I really don't care for anything past the early 60s, but those Lurex pants in all those wondrous colours! Oh my!

This dress also caught my eye when I was image-browsing recently... Oh, I would love to get married in Vegas in this!  (Still waiting for my 50s fanatic groom, sadly)

Well now, if I owned this confetti Lucite bag with Lurex threading, I would just sit and stare at it all day long!

And oh, of course - You'll need some sparkling shoes to go with all your sparkly clothes!

Buy them here!

Another lovely original advert...

The champagne glasses are adorable!

Pin Up Girl Clothing make a beautiful 'Monica' dress in several colourways should you wish to buy a reproduction piece of clothing with that authentic look.
This hat is truly out there! I love the colours.

I also came upon this original 50s material - combining two of my favourite things: Atomic patterns, and sparkles. 

We can't forget the men completely - There were some amazing guys' threads available in the 50s that were made of lurex or contained the thread.  One of my absolute favourites, Gene Vincent wears a killer sparkly shirt in 'Hot Rod Gang' - I searched for an image, but sadly none came up that showed the shirt in question. 

These two are great!

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures as much as I've 'ooohed' and 'aahed' over them when I saw them.  I think my favourite things are those swimsuits and that bag of course (I am a bag obsessive, that's for sure)

Hope you all have a great weekend! x


  1. Funny, I have just received my first LUREX dress!!!! I was not a fan of this material because I think it's not a good fabric for curvy girl... but I wanted to give it a try... I still don't know what I will do with this first dress, keep it or sell it...

  2. I'm sure you look great in it - I think you have such a lovely figure x I still don't have much made of it at all, as sadly I don' t have all the curves to fill or properly carry off the dresses I have found. But I do have some sweaters/tops so at least that's something!