Friday, 14 August 2015

Sun Jellies Bags and Sombrero Prints..

Well, where has summer gone now?!  I'm still having a really hard time with my Crohn's, and haven't had very many chances this year to fully embrace and enjoy my favourite time of year. So, I jumped at the chance to wear a fun outfit the other day for some much-needed time in the sun. It wasn't for very long, but I enjoyed it.

When the weather is as humid and hot here on the coast as it was that day, I simply cannot bring myself to wear many of my original 50s tops.  I do not sweat more than the average person when it is hot (I hope!) but I still don't like getting too hot in an original garment. Of course when it is a vintage dress, this cannot be avoided. I use dress shields when possible but I still like to find alternatives when it is as hot as it was this past week...Which led me to pick out this from my wardbrobe...

I am very picky about reproduction clothing, and find a lot of it (not all!) to be on the tacky side amongst other things.  One brand I made an exception for was 'Outerlimitz' by Di Brooks.  When I saw that she was making these darling little cropped tops in sombrero print fabric last year I just couldn't resist! Luckily I could snag an XS. I hadn't had any opportunity to wear it yet so I made myself put together a quick outfit to show it off.
It is very well made, and the print is authentic-looking which of course what I am most attracted to.  I was worried it was a little too cropped on myself, but as all of my bottom separates are so high waisted I felt I could go with it.

This 1950s skirt is one of my favourites, as the colour is so rich. Plus, the pockets are a nice touch too of course. The label has sadly faded so much that all I can make out is the word 'Resort'.  I assume it was part of a set, probably comprising of some shorts and sun top to match.  I paired it with a simple vintage tan belt and my orange ballerina pumps - They matched the orange in the top perfectly.

I was bought two Sun jellies bags as a birthday present, so wanted to use the yellow one today.  They hold a lot and are very cheerful!