Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Who Knew You Could Love A Parasol So Much?

*Apologies for the smaller than small text size - for some reason blogger refuses to process it in normal size even when I keep highlighting it all and changing it myself many times!

Well, Summer indeed did leave us for a good while again here in the UK. It has been raining, and generally miserable again since I last posted.  The sun seems to be returning, but it doesn't stick around for long!

This is annoying to me, because I love Summertime, and I find of course that clothes/accessories etc. are so much more fun when they are summer ones.

It is not fun to be stuck indoors when it is sunny and you aren't too well.  But I took some quick outfit photos yesterday, as I was excited to be wearing my new (old) blouse and wanted to show off some photos of something I am so happy to have.

This blouse encompasses so many things I love about the fifties all in one - It has a great shape, a favourite print (fish!) and some really quirky detailing - check out that collar! Like a fishes' tail...

The blouse itself is really rather faded at the arms, and the silk fabric is very delicate now, but I couldn't resist it because it was so unusual (and a small size)

The bag is so funny isn't it - another one of my favourite kinds of item from the 50s: plastic, and novelty!
It has little Asian motifs on it, like lanterns and little houses.  The shape of it is so unusual, and odd!

I am wearing my trusty Freddies Of Pinewood jeans, which are what I wear the most these days it seems. I just love them.  My sunglasses are original 50s ones as are the belt and shoes.  I should have taken a close up of my earrings - pink plastic feather/fan shapes. I had a great brooch I wanted to wear, but it would have made a hole in the silk of the blouse.

And now, for the coolest thing...

My new Parasol!

I am practically albino in skin tone (proud of it, ha ha) and adore parasols as both stylish additions to outfits and for protecting me from the sun.  I have a few, all very nice of course and I use them most often at car shows. Well imagine my face when I saw this one?!
I couldn't believe it when I saw it - a parasol with gorgeous 50s cars on it? What could be more me?!  I'm so glad I found Swingoramic - they have so much great stuff, I want it all! They sell beautiful garden furniture in the real original 50s style, and other lovely things.

Here is their website if you want to take a look: Swingoramic

They are on Instagram as well:

Now if I could only get to some car shows to show it off...

Hope you all get to have a nice summer soon xxx